Franchising Opportunities

Is restaurant experience necessary to run this business?
• Basic fundamentals of business are necessary
• While it is helpful you will have training and ongoing support
• Hiring proper staff with basic food prep/cooking knowledge is necessary
• We will support your venture by training you and your staff

What is included in Franchise Ownership?
• Use of a fully branded and trademarked name
• Ongoing HQ support
• Updated menu items
• Future financial stability
• First right of refusal for new restaurants in proximity
• System structure
• Integrated content management to TIP website for your location
• Proven planned flow design for frontend, back house and kitchen
• Product manuals, procedures and policies
• Purchase freedom on selected items

Quality of Sucess
• Owner/Operators only
• Investors will not be considered.
• Positive attitude and open mind towards the TIP structure with the willingness to succeed is key
• Hard work and dedication
• Surround yourself with a passionate team to create a great work environment


How long is the franchise agreement?
• It is 10 years renewable for an additional 10 years


What is the initial cost of the franchise?
• The initial cost is $25,000 payable on signing of the agreement
• Franchisee is responsible for all leasehold improvements and construction of restaurant
With a 6 month time frame to open
• Turnkey option is also available. We will build and oversee the construction


Can I reserve future locations?
• You have first right of refusal
• You can reserve future locations to open within 8 months, $15K due on reserve $15K due on signing


What is the cost to build the store?
• The cost of construction varies. It primarily depends on size, equipment, format of establishment and location
• An estimate can be provided during an interview process


How much is the royalty fees and how is it collected?
• The royalty fee is 6% of gross sales (Net + comps + discounts) payable weekly
• A POS system will be provided for your location which the menu and price structure will be setup
• The POS system requires internet access as it will be polled and audited to track sales


Is there advertising fees?
Yes there is advertising fees. The fees for corporate advertising are 1.5% of net sale and the franchisor is required to spend 1.5% of net sale for local advertisement
• Web advertising is integrated in the website


Open Communication
• Keep the communication flowing, after all you will be part of the family
• Ideas or suggestions can help grow your business and better the brand
• Our team is available for support at any time


What makes us different?
• We use only fresh quality ingredients, whether it be our meats or fresh produce
• 95% of our products require cooking or assembly of a TIP member. This ensures product integrity
• 50 years of combined foodservice knowledge
• Old world recipes passed down from our southern Calabrese roots
• Approachable Italian fare
• Top Choice Award winners for “Best Italian Restaurant” 4 years consecutive
• Featured on The Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here” Fan Favorite Edition
• Featured On The Food Networks “You Gotta Eat Here” All Italian Edition

If you are interested or require further information, please contact us with the information listed below.
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